Important Note:1



#Antichrist‘s One World Order is coming. ONLY JESUS WILL END IT. Not a #GOP savior! The #GOP & #Dems are ONE AND THE SAME. #church #apostasy


Powers-That-Be can send Christians homeward bound with their electromagnetic radiation that quietly stops a beating heart. #church #apostasy


I disagreed w/ Grant Jeffrey on some things, but loved him. He suffered the “heart failure” of Breitbart, 2 months later. #church #apostasy


RIP 3rd party candidate in the way of #Dems & #GOP in 2016. EMF’s will give fatal heart attack – like Breitbart & Jeffrey. #church #apostasy


Obama is prepping the way for the coming #Antichrist, and don’t be surprised if we see Hillary vs Romney in 2016 election. #church #apostasy


Powers-That-Be in #NYC, bankers, businessmen that own WashDC politicians, pit the #Dems vs #GOP to play games with voters. #church #apostasy


Mitt Romney is on 2016 campaign trail, telling people how the future #GOP should look, he is making talks in NewHampshire. #church #apostasy


Lucifer is “light bearer” – Satan disguised as an angel of light – & Ishtar, Ashtoreth, is the torch bearer, Lady Liberty. #church #apostasy


Rebel “god of liberty” is Lucifer, his name is Baal, Beelzebub, his consort is Ishtar, Lady Liberty, image stands in #NYC. #church #apostasy


MANY think 2016 is their “Last Chance” to “reclaim America” – hope to elect a #GOP savior, MANY “Christians” follow FOOLS. #church #apostasy


The Great #Apostasy of a Fallen #Church wanting to save the earth, “reclaim the country” – worship a liberty god at PEACE with their world.


2012, the “Christian right” & SBC, RickWarren, FranklinGraham, pushed Mitt Romney, Mormon who worships the god of liberty. #church #apostasy


The god of liberty, god of freemasons, mormons, satanists, is Lucifer, the god who leads freedom from the God of Heaven. #church #apostasy


TODAY “Christian leaders” call you to worship the god of liberty, at PEACE with people given freedom to do as they please. #church #apostasy


Yrs ago, they denied virgin birth, Jesus’ deity. TODAY they deny the return of Wrathful Jesus making WAR on a rebel world. #church #apostasy


The folks sitting in the pews did not lead the SBC into #church #apostasy, but they FOLLOW THE FOOLS away from the true Christ of the Bible.


TODAY SBC is a carnival show of #PurposeDriven emergents, SELLS “deep spirituality” thru Lifeway @RickWarren @BethMooreLPM #church #apostasy


Years ago, publishers, ministries, many #church bodies, once devoted to Christ and ministry, began down the slippery slope into #apostasy.


The Great Apostasy is upon us TODAY. The Great Falling Away spoken of by Jesus in Mt24:10 – How the mighty are fallen! #church #apostasy


JESUS said in the #LastDays a house will be divided, some will follow Him, and even family will betray them to death. #church #apostasy


Jonathan followed a FOOL. 2Sam1 Let no FOOL lead you! Follow only JESUS! Not father, mother, brother, wife, son, daughter. #church #apostasy


King Saul was a foolish leader, his son Jonathan was a man of God. The son perished following the fool – out of loyalty. #church #apostasy


“How the mighty have fallen! The weapons of war have perished!” 2Sam1:27 – Jonathan perished following a fool father/king. #church #apostasy


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