TheVoiceOfWarning Words

Faithful and True, with justice He judges & makes war. His eyes are like blazing fire. On His head are many crowns Rev19 #LastDays #EndTimes


“Out of His mouth comes a sharp sword with which to strike down the nations. He will rule them with an iron rod.” Rev19 #LastDays #EndTimes


“Heaping up the dead, He will crush the rulers of the whole earth.” Ps110 – “Crushing all kingdoms, ending them.” Dan2 #LastDays #EndTimes


Look up, your redemption draws nigh! – “He will crush kings on the Day of His Wrath! He will judge the nations!” Ps110 #LastDays #EndTimes


In the #LastDays, the people of God will do exploits. Dan11:32 Many spiritual battles will be fought and won by Christians in the #EndTimes


The gathering of the saints will NOT happen before the Falling Away occurs and the man of sin is revealed. 2Th2 #LastDays #EndTimes


“When you see these things, you know the time is near.” – #Antichrist is rising, yes, a sign that Jesus’ return is near! #LastDays #EndTimes


In fear, Israelites said, “We want to go back to Egypt!” Ex14 Fear always leads to sin. God gives courage to stand firm. #LastDays #EndTimes


Jesus said “Go!” Make disciples of all nations. Look ahead to your calling, don’t look back at a world you left behind. #LastDays #EndTimes


God told the Israelites, “Move on!” Don’t look back at Pharaoh’s army. Look ahead to the Land where the Lord leads you. #LastDays #EndTimes


In the #LastDays we must remember all the faithful Christians who have gone before us, MANY lived in times of severe persecution. #EndTimes


The Israelites looked at the coming army of Pharaoh and fell into panic. Ex14 But God says DON’T BE AFRAID, I’M WITH YOU #LastDays #EndTimes


Do not be afraid. Stand firm! You will see the deliverance the Lord will bring you. Ex14 – Do NOT be terrified in these #LastDays #Endtimes


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