TheVoiceOfWarning Words pt.1

The #church will be pruned, her branches made fruitful, the dead cleaned away by the Loving Husbandman.  John 15  #Rapture

The #church will go thru tribulations, fires of persecution, deep waters, but she will not burn or drown..  #Rapture


God will build His #church into a holy bride, whose heart will return to her First Love, no longer lukewarm, but on fire for Him. #Rapture


God desires a #church – as a man wants a wife – NOT to say “I am a treasure for my husband” – but rather: “I treasure my husband.” #Rapture


When a man asks a woman “Will you marry me?” he says unsaid “Will you be only mine? Faithful to me?” God wants FAITHFULNESS #Rapture #church


God has one way of getting the ATTENTION of a spoiled-rotten #church, as a parent gets the attention of a spoiled child. DISCIPLINE #Rapture


Beloved, the bride of Christ TODAY is spoiled rotten, and He will build His #church into a holy bride, and hell will NOT prevail. #Rapture


Pioneer wife, busy raising garden, canning, cooking, cleaning, raising kids, had no time to dwell on how “precious” she is. #Rapture #church


Our Christian ancestors appreciated the journey of “Christian” in Pilgrim’s Progress, TODAY bestsellers are all about SELF. #Rapture #church


In Pilgrim’s Progress,”Ignorance” trusts in SELF, is cast into hell. “Faithfulness” gives his life to Jesus even unto death #Rapture #church


Pilgrim’s Progress is about “Christian” journeying to the Celestial City & MATURING on the Way. Maturity is NOT about self. #Rapture #church


Yrs ago, Christians who went before us had 2 books on the shelf in every home, the Bible and Pilgrim’s Progress, a journey. #Rapture #church


God has His eye on the apple of His eye, and the #church, instead of looking to the Apple Tree in love, is also looking at herself! #Rapture


The spoiled #church TODAY is like a bride who goes thru a marriage ceremony then says “I’m so special! It’s all about me!” #Rapture


FAITHFULNESS does not save us. Only the blood of Jesus, the gift of God, saves us. BUT FAITHFULNESS DEMONSTRATES OUR LOVE. #Rapture #church


Being born again is the BEGINNING, not the end. We’re declared His Bride at new birth but it’s in FAITHFULNESS WE PROVE IT. #Rapture #church


A wife becomes a wife by a marriage ceremony & is declared a wife. But it’s in FAITHFULNESS that she proves herself a wife. #Rapture #church


A wife is not a wife just by going thru a marriage ceremony. She is a wife as she practices faithfulness, living as a wife. #Rapture #church


Beloved, the #church TODAY will be pruned clean. We are saved, declared clean thru His blood, but that’s the beginning not the end. #Rapture


The fruitful branch of the tree will bear even more fruit if cared for by the Husbandman, pruning away the dead, worthless. #Rapture #church


Every branch that bears fruit He cleans so that it will bear even more fruit. Jn15 – The Husbandman prunes the branches. #Rapture #church


God calls His people “the apple of His eye.” Are our eyes focused on our SELF – or on “the Apple Tree.” (SS2:3) #Jesus #Rapture #church


“As the apple tree among the trees of the woods, so is my Beloved among others.” SS2:3 – #Jesus #Christ #Savior #Rapture #church #LastDays


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