TheVoiceOfWarning pt.2

Beloved, have nothing to do with BABYLON, love of money. Commit yourself to God, He will provide >>  #church #apostasy


ALL the bookselling, marketing, money-grubbing is part and parcel of BABYLON and only serves the gods of gold and silver. #church #apostasy


Woe and shame to all who make excuses for booksellers, marketers and solicitors who turn the #church into a marketplace! Jn2:14-17 #apostasy


God’s #church is not for exploitation, NOT for worldly gain! The flock is to be protected and cared for, not devoured by wolves! #apostasy


Commit yourself to God’s Work, you will NEVER have to beg for $$$ or sell His Gospel! He will enable you to GIVE it away! #church #apostasy


Ask yourself: “Who am I? A money-grubber, or a servant of the Most High God?” – God will provide..  #church #apostasy


Folks, when God has a message for you, you can be sure, He will NOT deliver it thru a slick book FOR SALE at any price. #church #apostasy


Yrs ago a woman was in every Christian bookstore PROMOTED AS MS SPIRITUAL, later admitted affair w/ her married publisher. #church #apostasy


Slick smiley-faced covers of the “deep spirituality” books are designed by the money-changers, merchandisers & Pharisees. #church #apostasy


IF God gives you a work to do, He will provide for it! God does not need Madison Avenue slicksters to sell His message! #church #apostasy


Folks, it’s this simple: IF God gives you a gift to share with the #church then share it! Don’t turn it into a ministry-business! #apostasy


Plz let me share w/ you, God spoke to me years ago about NOT getting into the “ministry-business”>>  #church #apostasy


Some professing “Christian” or another is always saying to me, and you also I guess, “Buy my book! Donate to my ministry!” #church #apostasy


In the temple courts, Jesus found men selling cattle, sheep, doves, and others exchanging money. Jn2 #church #apostasy #LastDays #EndTimes


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