TheVoiceofWarning pt.3

PLEASE be a praying brother or sister, a GIVER to the work yet to be done, winning souls, WARNING the #church >>
Beloved, please PRAY, PRAY for your friends, family who profess to be part of the #church: MANY are part of the Great Falling Away foretold.

A new “christ” will appear very soon, and MANY professing “Christians” are being primed to receive #Antichrist as “savior of the #church.”

Prosperity preachers on every side, Purpose Driven teachers also, the #church is being told to “emerge” toward the kingdom of a new “christ”
Popular “Christian” leaders are proclaiming “I AM” somebody, you are somebody, WE WILL ASCEND TO THE HIGHEST. The #church is in CONFUSION.
Satan is desperately trying to lead the #church farther down the primrose path of self-love, exaltation of man, self-salvation, #Antichrist.
God did not tell Ezekiel “If they’re lost, so be it.” God said: “GO and WARN my people!” Let’s WORK to tell the #church that wolves abound!
HOW do you think God keeps the elect #church?? He does His work of keeping the elect thru His servants who WARN the sheep away from wolves!

John Calvin must weep, even in Heaven, to think anyone would fail to WARN the #church about apostasy, saying “If they’re lost, so be it.”

Woe to the irresponsible #church folk who say “What will be will be, if they’re lost, well, Calvin said so.” – Their blood is on your hands.

The trend of the #church in 2013 is toward accepting a political savior, someone to save the world, save the country, a “christ” for today.

MANY people-groups in the world have not even heard about the One who said “GO and make disciples.” But the #church is busy $elling books.

Beloved, the #church in 2013 is navel-gazing. Hear the pop sermons, see the pop books, it’s all about OUR experience, NOT “Thy will be done”

Man by nature looks at the outward things, and the #church in 2013 is caught up in outward trappings. God is looking at her heart. 1Sam16:7

The #church in 2013 is impressed by the glitz, glamor, glitter and gawdiness of this world. MANY march toward #Antichrist – away from Jesus.

Beloved, in 2013 the Lord God is JEALOUS over His #church. She looks lovingly at the world, she gazes in the mirror, distracted from Him.

There is a Place, called Beautiful, where God will dwell forever with His people, and the Bridegroom will hold His bride, the #church. Rev21

The Holy City, New Jerusalem, coming down out of Heaven from God, prepared as a bride beautifully dressed for her Husband. Rev21:2


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