TheVoiceOfWarning pt.6

BEWARE & ALERT- for MANY signs and wonders and miracles will INCREASE in these #endtimes, to deceive even the #church if that were possible.

The religion of this world, Babylon, full of sorceries, magic, shamanism, signs, miracles, wonders TO DECEIVE THE WORLD. #endtimes #church

The Book of Mormon teaches SIGNS, WONDERS, MIRACLES are “performed by faith, and by faith angels will appear to men.” #endtimes #church

In the Name of Jesus MANY think they do “miracles” as they serve Satan and the false-christ of Hinduism, Babylon, BAAL. #endtimes #church

HINDUISM, rooted in Babylon, shamanism, says “By your will you create your reality.” Word of Faith, speak it, create it. #endtimes #church

MANY false teachers allure the #church, “By faith, we do miracles!” Jesus is not glorified, but rather a “Faith-Force-God” #endtimes #church

MANY signs from the “heavens” MANY supernatural miracles MANY communications from demons said to be “wise ones” in these #endtimes! #church

MANY people are now conditioned to accept the “wisdom” of intelligences “beyond earth”- demonic spirits purportedly “ET’s” #endtimes #church

MANY evolutionists who laugh at the thought of angels & demons will accept “instructions” from little green men from Mars. #endtimes #church

MANY “naturalists” don’t believe in angels & demons, but will accept “signs from outer space” – as in ET communications. #endtimes #church

All things “supernatural” are not from God! Demonic signs, miracles, wonders accompany #Antichrist and the False Prophet. #endtimes #church



Beloved, BE AWARE AND BE ALERT, Jesus said MANY lost souls on Judgment Day will plead “But we did miracles in Your Name!” #endtimes #church

As magicians in Egypt impersonated some of the miracles of Moses, the devil will even bring “fire from heaven.” Rev13:13 #endtimes #church

God Almighty is the God of miracles, but Satan is the great counterfeiter who says: “See the signs! Worship the beast!” #endtimes #church

The devil knows his time is now very short. BEWARE of his miracles, signs & wonders DESIGNED TO DECEIVE THE WORLD. Mt24:24 #endtimes #church

Supernatural activities that seem “the stuff of Hollywood” can increasingly become MORE AND MORE OUT IN THE OPEN in these #endtimes. #church

Look for supernatural miracles, paranormal activity, demonic signs & wonders to continue to INCREASE as we near the very #endtimes. #church

False Prophet will UNITE the world around the first beast of Rev13, the world’s anointed one, false christ, #Antichrist. #endtimes #church

False Prophet, calling fire down, will be seen as “Elijah” – fulfillment of Malachi4, UNITES THE WORLD, fathers, children. #endtimes #church

The False Prophet will no doubt be hailed as “Elijah” by the world after calling fire down from the sky. (Rev13:13) #endtimes #church

Jesus said a sinful and adulterous generation demands a sign. (Mt16) The False Prophet will give them many. (Rev13:13) #endtimes #church

False christs & false prophets will perform great signs and miracles to deceive.. See, I HAVE TOLD YOU AHEAD OF TIME! Mt24 #endtimes #church


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