TheVoiceOfWarning pt.7

Let us WORK while it is day, the night comes! Pull souls out of the fire! (Jude23) Professing Christians are FALLING INTO BABYLON DAY BY DAY


Ashtar Command, messages from “ET mentors”- demonic “instructions” to “arrest the powerful & create NWO”  #WhatNext?


Pray for this man, claims to be “discerning” and delivers msgs from Ashtar Command, this is a professing Christian!


BABYLON/Ashtar Command, “Commander Ashtar of Galactic Federation of Light ET mentors” ally of Word of Faith cult >>


Compare Word of Faith Teacher w/ Ashtar Command Prosperity/Gospel “Divine Laws Tithing”


Pray for these 2 LOST souls on 17 min video, demonic voices speak of Babylon Mystery UNITY #EndTimes APOSTATE #CHURCH


BABYLON mother of whores & abominations, Ashtoreth, Ishtar, Marian Apparitions, LadyLiberty, #PurposeDriven UNITY #EndTimes APOSTATE #church


The Faith-Force-God “I AM”- “secret wisdom revealed”- GNOSTICISM in the APOSTATE UNITY RELIGION #ENDTIMES #CHURCH >>


“Christian Yoga”- ContemplativePrayer- Word of Faith “I create out of my own beingness, we are One” #EndTimes #church


They call Demonic Kundalini Yoga the power of the Holy Spirit, this is IN THE APOSTATE #CHURCH IN THESE #ENDTIMES,


Illuminati, Inner Wisdom, Inner Knowledge, Gnosticism, Hinduism, BABYLON MYSTERY MOTHER OF WHORES >  #EndTimes #church


#Jesus is a “Great Master” to Word of Faith “little gods” who bring Him down to be like them, exalt themselves to be gods. #EndTimes #church


“Secret knowledge” GNOSTIC, APOSTATE Word of Faith, Joyce Meyer, Kenneth Copeland, Benny Hinn, Creflo Dollar, Paul Crouch. #EndTimes #church


Babylon infests the APOSTATE #CHURCH IN THESE #ENDTIMES, freemasonry, catholicism, word of faith, #PurposeDriven UNITY religion, gnosticism.


Info interview, demonic speaker, yeast of the Pharisees, SELF-CENTERED-RELIGION >> << CHRISTENDOM #EndTimes #church


Beloved, pray for the 2 LOST men speaking on this 17 min video >> << Here is Babylon UNITY RELIGION #EndTimes #church


#Jesus asked, “Who do you say I am?” // And Peter answered, “You are THE Christ, the Son of the Living God!” Mt16 #EndTimes #church


The dead #religion of this world tries to bring #Jesus down, call Him a “Great Master”- denying His uniqueness as #SAVIOR. #EndTimes #church


#Jesus said “Be on your guard against the yeast of the Pharisees and Sadducees.” Mt16 #Babylon #Ashtoreth #idolatry #UNITY #EndTimes #church


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