TheVoiceOfWarning pt.8

“If anyone would come after Me, he must deny himself and take up his cross and follow Me!” Mt16:24 #church #tcot

Ayn Rand is anti-christ, anti-bible, teaching SELF-worship, Satan’s religion! You cannot serve Jesus of the Bible and Ayn Rand #church #tcot

Ayn Rand is adored prophet of Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan, Glenn Beck, a prophet of self-love for the elite, to hell with the poor. #church #tcot

The Satanic Bible was inspired by Ayn Rand’s Self-Love writings, says so in intro!! Yet MANY professing Christians adore her!! #church #tcot

Ayn Rand said the serial killer is the ideal man, lives all for himself, cannot feel for other people, lives ONLY for himself. #church #tcot

Satanic Ayn Rand promotes a world without mercy, a world of self-centeredness, and is embraced by MANY professing Christians!! #church #tcot

MANY professing “Christians” have created their god in the image of selfish man, call themselves “Christian” but worship SELF. #church #tcot

Satanic Ayn Rand, who says Jesus’ message of love for others is immoral, says the rich are producers, the poor are parasites. #church #tcot

Mormon Glenn Beck glorifies Bible-hater, Jesus-hater Ayn Rand as the philosopher for our time, to save & preserve our world. #church #tcot

God-hater, Bible-hater Ayn Rand said the rich-elite hold up the world (atlas) & are “men of the mind” – the poor are mindless. #church #tcot

God-hater, Bible-hater Ayn Rand said the weak & poor are undeserving of love, and Jesus’ message of loving others is immoral. #church #tcot

Roman Catholic Paul Ryan hires only staff who read, follow and obey the writings of Ayn Rand – no exceptions, she is his god. #church #tcot



The idea that self-centeredness is a virtue is straight out of HELL, Satan and Ayn Rand, & is followed by MANY “Christians” !! #church #tcot


God-hater, Bible-hater Ayn Rand who said John3:16 is a “monstrous message” is followed by MANY professing “Christians” !!! #church #tcot


Introduction of The Satanic Bible says it was inspired by author, Bible-hater Ayn Rand who said Jesus’ teachings are immoral. #church #tcot


Satan is the god of SELF-LOVE, the god of Ayn Rand, author of Atlas Shrugged – who taught that the weak & poor are parasites. #church #tcot


MANY professing Christians do NOT worship the true Christ who teaches “Love thy neighbor” – they worship the god of SELF-LOVE. #church #tcot


Satan draws MANY professing Christians AWAY from the true Christ of the Bible, to worship a false-god of SELF-DETERMINATION. #church #tcot


TODAY there are MANY who profess to follow Christ, but their heart is DIVIDED between Jesus & love/loyalty toward their world. #church #tcot

Peter didn’t want his world turned upside-down by the things Jesus foretold, he was clinging to things of men. (Mt16:23) #church #tcot

How easy it is for a Christian, even the disciple Peter, to get his mind on things of men, and off the Words of God! (Mt16:23) #church #tcot

Peter began to rebuke Jesus, but He said to Peter, “Get behind Me, Satan! You do not have in mind the things of God!” Mt16 #church #tcot


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